Call for Nominations to the Scientific Programme Committee

Application Deadline

We are inviting all ISSC members to propose the names of up to 3 experts (per member) for the Scientific Committee of the 2018 World Social Science Forum. The Scientific Programme Committee will be in charge of reviewing panels and papers proposals and helping to design the WSS Forum programme. Please include people active in different regions of the world, and be mindful of gender diversity.

We would welcome proposals that are specifically linked to one or more of the 2018 Forum sub-themes:

Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures

1. Sustainability and security

2. Cybersecurity, cyberattacks, hybrid warfare

3. Human security

4. Security and the 2030 Agenda

5. Globalization, diversity and cultures of belonging

6. Development and inclusion in urban and rural areas

7. Gender equality and security

8. Health, safety and biosecurity

9. Freedom, democracy and security

Please note that the role of nominees on the Scientific Programme Committee is not merely titular: they will serve as active members of a working committee, helping to shape the WSS Forum and to evaluate submissions for panels and papers. This work is done mostly by e-mail, and no travel is required. However (depending on the popularity of a given topic) there can be peak periods of work, with deadlines. We therefore are asking that any nominees understand and give their active consent to this role before their names are being forwarded to the 2018 WSS Forum Executive Committee, who will be in charge of the selection process. The nominations should include a short CV and a brief justification for the nomination.

The deadline for submissions is 5 May 2017.

Submissions should be sent to