Oxford Spring School in Advanced Research Methods

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United Kingdom
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The programme consists of a variety of advanced courses in quantitative and qualitative methods. Working with our world leading teachers and researchers in quantitative and qualitative methods, you will have the opportunity to choose the course subject options which suit you best.

Oxford Spring School 2020 will take place from Monday 30 March to Friday 3 April.

Applications will close at noon on 20 January. Queries and questions? Email us at springschool@politics.ox.ac.uk

Oxford Spring School Course Outline
The three main courses will be:

  • Causal inference
  • Fieldwork
  • Machine learning

In the morning, participants will choose one of these three courses. In the afternoon we will run two parallel courses focusing on R, coding and computational skills; these are designed to be useful to students with varying levels of comfort with R programming.

For students who are inexperienced R users, we recommend the following afternoon courses:

R Basics + Graphics with ggplot

For more experienced R users, we recommend either:

Data Management with dplyr + Best Practices for Coding + Graphics with ggplot


Data Management with dplyr + Best Practices for Coding + Python + Performance Computing

For students requiring extra support with R, we will hold a daily walk-in clinic during lunchtime.

Important: All students are required to arrive at Oxford Spring School with a laptop and a working installation of R and RStudio with the tidyverse package installed. We have limited capacity to help students overcome problems with hardware/software during the week. You don’t need to be an R expert when you show up, but you need to have the tools to become one.