Oxford Spring School in Advanced Research Methods

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Oxford University
United Kingdom
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The Oxford Spring School offers graduate students and researchers from universities across the UK and abroad a unique venue to learn cutting-edge methods in Social Science.

The programme consists of a variety of advanced courses, which place different data analysis techniques within broader disciplinary trends towards mixed-methods research designs. Working with our world leading teachers and researchers in quantitative and qualitative methods, you will have the opportunity to choose the course subject options which suit you best.

Oxford Spring School 2019 will take place Monday 8 April to Friday 12 April.

The two main courses will be:

  • Computerised Text Analysis
  • Panel Data Analysis

Applications close on 28 January for Oxford Spring School 2019, taking place 8-12 April.

In the morning, participants will choose between our two main courses. In the afternoon, participants choose up to two additional classes, including Process Tracing, Fieldwork Techniques, R Techniques for Reproducible Research, and Intermediate Causal Inference.

Courses are relevant for quantitative and qualitative researchers. For example, qualitative approaches are increasingly acknowledged as key to crafting persuasive identification strategies for causal inference. Instructors will emphasise the mixed-methods philosophy underlying our courses, and the use of these techniques in different types of research designs. Courses will be taught using Stata or R and diverse datasets (participants must bring their own laptops).

For those without good knowledge of R, we will hold a daily walk-in clinic during lunchtime so that participants can ask questions and get support.