New Zealand Political Studies Association - Annual Conference 2017

University of Otago
New Zealand
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As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, the University of Otago’s Department of Political Studies is hosting the 2017 New Zealand Political Studies Association Conference in Dunedin from November 29 to December 1, 2017.

The theme of this year’s conference is (Dis)ordering Politics: Exclusion, Resistance and Participation. 

Brexit, the rise of Trump and the increasing viability of far right movements and agendas in many electoral systems are currently challenging the mostly unquestioned liberal triumphalism of the post-Cold War era. Issues of class and inequality, race and gender that many in the mainstream had relegated to the margins have reemerged at the forefront of the incoming tide of this disorderly political landscape. What explains this re-emergence and the current dis(order) in domestic and international politics? Are these new trends or have they always been there? How have race, gender and class continued to construct and constitute politics today? What are the political and disciplinary avenues for resistance and transformation?

Public events

The conference features three public events to explore the theme – a keynote lecture by Prof David McNally of the University of York (Canada), and two panel discussions on Indigenous Politics and the New Zealand Election – in addition to the usual topic streams.

Conference chairs

The co-chairs of the conference are Professor Janine Hayward and Associate Professor Vicki Spencer. For general inquiries, please email:

For further information, write to; to present a paper, visit the conference website at