KRG's Emerging Strategy for Stability in Iraq and the Region (KRGESSIR) Conference

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University of Kurdistan Hewler
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Iraq has had a turbulent history and stands today at a critical juncture reflecting the daunting challenges that the Middle East is facing. The sources of these challenges are diverse in nature and find their roots in ethnic conflicts, international terrorism, religious fundamentalism, and geopolitical interferences. These are compounded by tensions created by weak structures of governance, populist movements, stagnant economic development, and steady demographic growth. Undoubtedly, as a federal region of Iraq enjoying de facto autonomy since 1991, Kurdistan is far from being immune to these pressures. Moreover, the post-referendum implications constitute a further unresolved issue, which has recently led Iraq’s current Prime Minister to take some positive practical steps to incentivize the Kurds to scale back their aspirations for independence. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq, however, represents an exception within the region, in that it is marked by remarkable levels of political, social, and economic stability. The goal of the conference is to provide a comprehensive and educated appraisal of the viability, effectiveness and possible transposition of the “emerging strategy for stability”, especially focusing on how both the process and the structure of Erbil-Baghdad relations help stabilize a dysfunctional country such as Iraq.