International Workshop: Anti-Europeanism, Euroscepticism, Populism and Radical Democracy

University of Parma
End Date

The Center for Studies in European and International Affairs (CSEIA) of the University of Parma, in collaboration with the European College of Parma Foundation, organizes an International Workshop on Opposing Europe? Anti-Europeanism, Euroscepticism, Populism and Radical Democracy.

The two-day Workshop, which will take place in Parma between November 20th and December 7th (official dates will be soon available on, will debate and analyze the critiques to the European Integration both from an historical and a political science point of view. The critique to the European Union is rapidly becoming a relevant issue in Europe, especially after the British referendum on leaving the EU and the gradual rise of new nationalism, neopopulism and sovereignism, different phenomena that cannot be explained through just one cause.

The event aims at opening a scientific debate on the types of critiques to the European Integration, also considering those different forms of opposition as a multi-dimensional phenomenon and not as a mere pathological deviation from the standard behavior. In particular, the complexity of all opposing views on the European construction and the different forms of opposition will be taken in consideration: from simple rejection and distancing to harsh critique, from the request of a radical reform of the EU to the broad spectrum of alter-Europeanist and anti-Europeans movements.

The workshop will be divided into three panels: a first panel will be dedicated to the reconstruction of the history of Euroscepticism over the last sixty years; a second panel will focus on the comparative analysis of populist movements across Europe; a third panel will debate possible future scenarios for the European Union. Each session will be introduced by an international keynote speaker. Further information will be soon available on the CSEIA website

The event has a strong multi-disciplinary character and aims at gathering scholars with a different background: historians, political scientists, students of EU integration and international relations. Contributions coming from young academics (both national and international) are more than welcome. People interested in presenting a paper should select a panel (see below) and send a short abstract (500 words maximum) to by October 6th, 2017.

  • Panel 1: Sixty years of Euroscepticism. The critique to the EU in the history of its integration.
  • Panel 2: Populism, Anti-Europeanism. Politics, conflict and democracy
  • Panel 3: Rethinking Europe. Crisis and new European perspectives

By October 29th, 2017, contributions will be selected by the organizers; authors should send their contribution (either a paper or an extended abstract) by November 15th, 2017.

All the papers presented in the workshop will be published in a Conference book in 2018.

For further information just send an email to