International Conference: Transformation in Central-Eastern Europe 1989-2019: Success & Failures

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University of Warsaw
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2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the beginning of major political, social, economic and cultural changes behind the Iron Curtain. Since that day different forms, models, and spheres of both transformation and transition in Central-Eastern Europe have been researched by many academics from perspective of social sciences and humanities. But the open question remains: what is the general balance of successes and failures of last 30 years of changes in the former Eastern Bloc?

Submission of individual papers on national, regional and transnational aspects of transformations in CEE 1989-2019 are all invited. Please see below list of suggested topics of interest or feel free to offer one from beyond that framework:

  • Dynamics and changes of political system or evolution and dynamics of changes in political system
  • Dynamics and changes of party system
  • Political parties and social movements
  • The development of the civil society
  • Dilemmas of social policy
  • Cultural policy
  • Elections
  • Economic transformation
  • Territorial system
  • Regional cooperation
  • Security and geopolitics
  • Power and evolution of political institutions
  • European and regional integration