International Conference: Relations between Religion and Politics as a Subject of Research of Political Science

Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University
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The conference has two basic purposes:

  • first of all, it is to be a space for society’s reflection over the theory and the methodology of analysing religion in the framework of political sciences;
  • second of all, it is to be a forum of presentation and discussion of the results of the newest research over the relationship between religion and politics.

A growing interest in the problems related to religion in political sciences, even appearing postulates to create a sub-discipline called „politology of religion”, encourages us to have a serious debate among political scientists over the theoretical and methodological issues. We, political scientists as a group, would like to think in particular about the issues related to:

  • the consequences of considering the role of the religion in the research within political sciences and in creating the identity of the discipline: Whether/why is there any necessity to refer to religion in political sciences? What is contributed by analysing religion into the identity of the discipline founded in the era of the paradigm of positivism?
  • the way of approaching religion, specific for political sciences; what distinguishes the approach towards religion in political sciences? Can we create any definition for use in political sciences or can we create any way of looking towards religion?
  • the method of research: How to understand the postulate of impartiality, considered as a necessary condition for objectivism in research? How to carry out the dialogue between the political sciences, rejecting currently the category of an absolute truth, and monotheistic religions, which, by nature, reject relativism? Which paradigms of research used in political sciences may be considered as adequate for analysing the religious phenomena and what are their potential limitations?

The discussion over the effects of current research is to be carried out during thematic sessions, grouping the researchers dealing with similar problems, available for the listeners. We would like to encourage you to submit your proposals of lectures, especially in the following areas:

Panel 1. State and religion in international environment [coordinators: dr Anna Solarz, dr Joanna Kulska]

Panel 2. Secularisation and its consequences [coordinators: dr hab. Michał Gierycz, dr Marcin Pomarański]

Panel 3. Islamism and islamic skepticism – between the sharia order and de-shariasation[coordinators: prof. UZ dr hab. Ryszard Michalak, dr Mariusz Sulkowski]

Panel 4. Political and meta-political role of the Catholic Church [coordinators: dr hab. Sławomir Sowiński, ks. dr Piotr Burgoński]

Deadline for submitting proposals: 30 October 2017

Deadline for confirming the acceptance of the lecture: 6 November 2017

The conference secretary: dr Mariusz Sulkowski, e-mail:

Conference fees: The attendance fee is 100 Euros (without accommodation: 75 Euros)