The Defeat of Socialist / Proletarian Revolutions in Europe in of the First Quarter of the 20th century – Prematurity of Revolutions or Immaturity of the European Societies?

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National Library of Russia
St. Petersburg
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The Association for Marxist Social Sciences (AMSS), The Plekhanov House, the National Library of Russia department, are pleased to announce an International Scientific Conference on “The Defeat of Socialist / Proletarian Revolutions in Europe in  of the First Quarter of the 20th century – prematurity of revolutions or immaturity of the European societies?” to be heldin The Plekhanov House, on November 15-16, 2019, St.-Petersburg.

The conference will consider the above mentioned problems including the following indicative themes:

  • socio-philosophical historical categories, as “revolution”, “proletariat”, “vanguard”, “party”, “counterrevolution”, “masses”, “leaders”, “socialism”, “communism”, “the new world”, “the new person” in the Marxist theory and in revolutionary practice;
  • proletarian revolutions of the XIX-XX centuries, problems of comparative analysis;
  • the role of proletariat, proletarian parties, political and public organizations of proletarian masses in revolutions and social transformations;
  • revolutions and revolts of 1917-1919 in Russia, Germany and other European countries: general and specific characteristics;
  • “Soviet republics” in Europe: the premise of victories and defeat;
  • cooperation and assistance of proletariat and its allies in the situation of bourgeois political and cultural hegemony;
  • hodiernal problems and prospects of current revolutionary movement.

We invite contributions, in person and by correspondence, from historians, social and political scholars, academic and educational institutions, as well as social and political activists and budding students.

The application form and briefs may be addressed to Dr. Mikhail B. Konashev, the co-chairman of the Organizing committee, by 15 October 2019, paper submission deadline. The text should include applicant’s full name, his/her institutional affiliation, title and is not to exceed 1 page (2000 signs, spaces included) in rtf format, Times New Roman, 12 pt., 1,5 space between the lines.



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