Advances in the Empirical and Theoretical Study of Parliaments

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University of Konstanz
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The ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments and the University of Konstanz are pleased to announce the conference on Advancesin the Empirical and Theoretical Study of Parliaments. The conference will take place in Konstanz, Germany, from 26 to 28 September 2019. Keynote speakers are Kristin Kanthak (University of Pittsburgh), Georg Vanberg (Duke University),
and Alan E. Wiseman (Vanderbilt University).

The conference will feature three parallel workshops. Each of the workshops will be accompanied by one of the keynote speakers:
1. Parliaments, MPs and Political Representation / Kristin Kanthak
2. Committees and Parliamentary Institutions /Georg Vanberg
3. Parliaments, Bargaining and Policy-making /Alan E. Wiseman

Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome. We are open to different approaches and there are no restrictions on the geographical regions covered. The deadline for application is 20 August 2019. You can apply for the conference by submitting an abstract online. More information on the conference and the application procedure is available on the conference

Thanks to generous funding from the University of Konstanz, there will be no registration fee. In the case of open queries, send an email to Patrícia Calca ( or
Sebastian Koehler (

We seek to increase the participation of female scholars and other underrepresented groups. Therefore, we explicitly encourage submissions from scholars belonging to these groups.
The Standing Group will provide up to three travel grants.

Childcare will be available at the conference upon request. More information will be provided on the conference website.