Academic Writing Conference in Public Administration

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City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong S.A.R.
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As  publication  pressures  grow,  gaining  insights  into  the  writing  and  review  process  is  essential  knowledge  that  can  add  value  to  your  career.  At  this  conference,  you  will  learn  about  the  craft  of  writing  and  publishing.  You  will  engage  with  senior  scholars  and  journal  editors  in  public  administration  and  policy  and  discuss  aspects  of  the  writing,  review  and  publication  process  that  are  not  normally  taught  in  PhD  programmes,  or  in  other  academic  writing  workshops.  You  will  gain  these  insights  by  improving  one  of  your  manuscripts  with  a  view  to  submitting  it  to  a  leading  academic  journal.

You  will  bring  your  own  draft  manuscript  to  the  conference.  The  conference  will  focus  on  improving  your  manuscript  by  examining  the  “journal  article  lifecycle”:  crafting  interesting  questions,  framing  compelling  arguments,  drafting  manuscripts  and  drawing  out  implications,  navigating  the  review  process  and  the  maximizing  the  impact  your  article  after  publication.    Each  trainer  will  serve  as  a  mentor  for  a  small  group  of  participants,  and  work  with  them  in  groups  or  individually  throughout  the  conference.

Gaining insights about academic writing from   leading scholars and journal editors.nUnderstanding of the review process and how   to manage it.nBuilding  your  network  with  leading  scholars   and other academics in your field.nDeveloping  tangible  ideas  on  how  to  revise   and improve your manuscript for submission   to a leading journal.nSubmitting  your  manuscript  prior  to  the      conference  to  get  feedback  and  presenting    your  revised  version  to  fellow  participants   and journal editors.

The  essence  of  good  research  articles:  what     makes a good paper?nFraming  of  research  articles:  what  makes  a   research question compelling? n  High  impact  literature  review:  what  is  the   central argument in your article?n Presentation of research findings: how do you   draw out the implications of your study?n  Understanding  the  review  process:  how  do   you choose a journal?n  Managing  R&R  effectively:  how  do  you   manage a revise and resubmit?n  After  publication:  how  do  you  disseminate   your research article to achieve impact?

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