4th International Conference on Science Advice to Government

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More than 600 people from around the world will attend this international conference, which will bring together political representatives, diplomats and government science advisors to promote the role of scientific expertise and evidence in informing policy decisions in an increasingly complex world.

The theme of INGSA 2020 is Evidence in context: expanding the dialogue. The conference will examine the complex interactions between scientists, public policy and diplomatic relations at local, national and international levels.

INGSA 2020 will be an opportunity to continue discussions on the United Nations sustainable development goals, the role of cities and municipalities in the appropriation and implementation of evidence and research, the importance of open science and access to data, and finally, the issues raised by disruptive technologies, whether in the digital realm or artificial intelligence.

I invite political and government circles, academics, community leaders and NGO and private sector representatives to take part in INGSA 2020.

INGSA 2020 will also host a 1-day academic conference. A call for abstracts will be launched during the winter of 2020.