2019 IPSA-ABU Summer School for Social Science Research Methods

Event Information

Antalya Bilim University (ABU)
End Date

IPSA and the Political Science and International Relations Department at Antalya Bilim University (ABU) are jointly organizing the IPSA – ABU Summer School for Social Science Research Methods in Antalya (Turkey), taking place from September 2-13 2019.

The School offers advanced training for graduate students and scholars aiming to strengthen their methodological skills. It gathers participants from all around the world with a particular focus on Africa, Europe, and Eurasia, as well as Turkey.

IPSA – ABU Summer School is a significant opportunity for expanding methodological knowledge, discussing research, and building future collaborations in the wonderful city of Antalya.

The summer-school program offers 8 courses, with a balance between qualitative and quantitative approaches.

These courses are:

  • Survey Methods – in Turkish – (Prof. Dr. Ali Carkoglu, Koç University, Istanbul)
  • Maximum Likelihood Models (Assist. Prof. Dr. Alper Ecevit, Çukurova University, Adana)
  • Regression Analysis – in Turkish – (Assist. Prof. Dr. Cerem Cenker Ozek, Antalya Bilim University)
  • Comparative Research Designs and Comparative Methods (Prof. Dr. Dirk Berg-Schlosser, Phillips University, Marburg)
  • Introduction to Text and Content Analysis Techniques (Dr. Freya Sukalla, Leipzig University)
  • Experimental Methods in Political and Social Sciences (Assist. Prof. Dr. Sedef Turper, Koç University, Istanbul)
  • Network Analysis (Prof. Dr. Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana)
  • Case Study Research and the Grounded Theory Approach (Prof. Dr. Werner Patzelt, Technical University of Dresden)

Courses will include regular class meetings, lab sessions, and practice hours. Participants will also gather for lunches, evening talks, and other social activities.

Further details can be found on our summer school website: www.ipsaabusummerschool.org

For more information please e-mail: ipsa-abu@antalya.edu.tr

Local organizer: Dr. Nermin Aydemir