Call for IPSA President-Elect 2020-2022

In accordance with the recently modified procedures, the International Political Science Association (IPSA) invites applications for president, to serve the 2020-2022 term. The recent modification implies the nomination of a president-elect, who will serve a two-year term as such, before then becoming president of IPSA for the 2022-2024 term. In order to accommodate the change in electoral system, IPSA will elect both a president and a president-elect in the 2020 elections.

Article 17 of the IPSA Constitution:
The Council shall elect, in its first regular session, the President and the President-Elect of the Association.  In the following regular sessions, it will normally elect only the President-Elect unless the President-Elect has resigned or died, in which case it will elect both a President and a President-Elect.  The President shall hold office until the next regular session of the Council at the close of which the President-Elect shall become the President. Should the President die, or resign, the President-Elect    will    become    the    President    and    complete the term of incumbent and then service his/her own term.”

All persons who have served on the IPSA Executive Committee as elected members, including incumbents but excluding those who have already served as IPSA President, may apply.

The deadline is September 30, 2019.

The application shall include the following:
a. A written and signed statement confirming that the signatory, as a former or current member of the IPSA Executive Committee, is applying to become a nominee for President of IPSA,
b. A letter of support from his/her national or regional association supporting his/her candidacy,
c. As complete and detailed a CV as is available,
d. A brief statement on what objectives the candidate would pursue if elected,
e. Up to three letters of recommendation from former or current members of the Executive Committee supporting the candidacy of the applicant,
f.  Any other document that the Presidential Search Committee may ask for or the applicant may deem relevant to submit,
g. All of the above must be submitted in electronic form, but the initial application (a) must also be sent as a hard copy letter with a signature to the IPSA secretariat.

Applications should be sent to:

The hard copy letter of application should be mailed to:

Adrienne Jung, Acting Executive Director
International Political Science Association
1590 Ave. Docteur-Penfield, SB-331
H3G 1C5 Montreal (QC) Canada

The applications will be evaluated by the Presidential Search Committee consisting of Marianne Kneuer (IPSA President) and former IPSA presidents Lourdes Sola, Helen Milner, Leonardo Morlino, Aiji Tanaka and İlter Turan. The committee shall submit a report to the Executive Committee at its second meeting in 2019. Based on the report, the Executive Committee shall recommend one of the applicants for IPSA President to the IPSA Council. The Council, which meets at the IPSA World Congress of Political Science every 2 years, elects the IPSA President.

For any question, please contact IPSA President Marianne Kneuer:

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Marianne Kneuer
IPSA President