Montreal 2014 - Program

The full printed program of the 23rd World Congress of Political Science is available in PDF format (Size: 24 MB) at the following link: WC2014 Printed Program

Please note that the printed program does not reflect any changes made to the program after July 1, 2014.

Papers presented at the congress are available in IPSA's Online Paper Room


Schedule Overview

Saturday, July 19

09:00-17:00EC Meeting - Le Westin Montréal Hotel
09:00-17:00Pre-Congress Sessions
09:00-17:00One Day Research Methods Courses  
- QCA and Fuzzy Sets
- Process-tracing (PT) Case Study Methodology
15:00-18:00Exhibitor Set Up

Sunday, July 20 (Day 1)

08:00-10:30Exhibitor Set Up
10:30-18:00Exhibition Open
11:00-12:45Panel Sessions 
13:00-14:45Plenary: International Security Policy - Michael Dukakis
15:00-16:45Panel Sessions 
17:00-18:45Panel Sessions
19:15Opening Ceremony (featuring Cirque du Soleil) and Welcome Reception

Monday, July 21 (Day 2)

08:00-17:30Registration / Certificate of Attendance Pick up (until 18:30)
09:00-17:30Exhibition Open
09:00-17:00INM Symposium
09:00-15:00Council Meeting
09:00-10:45Panel Sessions
09:00-10:45Special Session: Is There a Future for Belgium after 2014?
11:00-12:45Panel Sessions
11:00-12:45Special Session: Juan Linz - the Man and his Legacy
13:00-14:45Panel Sessions
15:00-16:45Plenary: Challenges of Contemporary Governance: Rediscovering the Craft of Public Administration - Rod Rhodes
15:00Reception - Jerzy J. Wiatr, Polish-German Relations, sponsored by Barbara Budrich Publishers (Booth 21)
17:00-18:45Panel Sessions
17:00-18:45Special Session: Moscow 1979: The 11th IPSA World Congress
17:00Reception to celebrate the launch of the 6th Wave World Values Survey Public Dataset co-sponsored by RC13 (Elections, Citizens and Parties) and RC17 (Comparative Public Opinion)
19:00Concert by GRAMMY® Winning pianist Angelin Chang: Celebrating the 38th Anniversary of the IPSA Research Committee on Asian and Pacific Studies (RC18)

Tuesday, July 22 (Day 3)

08:30-17:30Registration / Certificate of Attendance Pick up (until 18:30)
09:00-17:30Exhibition Open
09:00-17:00INM Symposium
09:00-12:00Council Meeting: Election of President
09:00-10:45Panel Sessions
09:00-10:45Award Session - Global South Lecture
11:00-12:45Panel Sessions
11:00-12:45Special Session: Funding Opportunities for Political Scientists
13:00-14:45Panel Sessions
13:30-17:00Meeting of Presidents and Secretaries of National Associations
15:00-16:45Panel Sessions
17:00-18:45Plenary: President’s Plenary “Globalization and Domestic Political Change”
17:00Reception - ERIS (European Review of International Studies), sponsored by Barbara Budrich Publishers (Booth 21)
19:00SAGE Reception– Meet the Editors 

Wednesday, July 23 (Day 4)

08:30-17:30Registration / Certificate of Attendance Pick up (until 18:30)
09:00-17:30Exhibition Open
09:00-10:45Panel Sessions
09:00-10:45Special Session: The MOOC Challenge for Political Science
11:00-12:45Plenary: Constitutional Reform in the UK: A Federal Future?
13:00-14:45Award Session: Karl Deutsch Lecture
13:00-14:45Panel Sessions
15:00-16:45Panel Sessions
16:30-19:00         Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Research (Election of the RC Liaison Representative)
17:00-18:45Special Session: Viv(r)e l’humour politique!
17:00-18:45Panel Sessions
17:00-19:00Special Session: Documentary Movie – Blueberry Soup
19:00CPSA/SQSP Reception 

Thursday, July 24 (Day 5)

08:30-18:30Registration / Certificate of Attendance Pick up
09:00-16:30Exhibition Open
09:00-12:00  Council Meeting: Election of Executive Committee
09:00-10:45Panel Sessions
11:00-12:45Panel Sessions
11:00-12:45Special Session: Jean Laponce et la science politique internationale
13:00-14:45Panel Sessions
15:00-16:30Presidential Joint RC – Political Science Associations Meeting
15:00-16:45Panel Sessions
15:00-16:45Special Session: Political Science: Current Performance and Future Strengths
16:30-20:00Exhibition Tear Down
17:00Closing Ceremony and Reception


Friday, July 25 

09:00-12:00New EC Meeting - Le Westin Montréal Hotel