International Political Science Review (IPSR)

Vol. 38
No. 1
Published by: Sage Publications
1460-373X (Online)

Vale Jean Laponce 1925–2016
Theresa Reidy and Marian Sawer

The perils of semi-presidentialism: Confidence in political institutions in contemporary democracies
Yüksel Alper Ecevit and Ekrem Karakoç

Do campaigns matter outside the United States? Equilibrium and enlightenment in Korean presidential elections
Jeonghun Min and Paul-Henri Gurian

Presidential survival in South America: Rethinking the role of democracy
Christopher A Martínez

Power calculations and political decentralisation in African post-conflict states
Lovise Aalen and Ragnhild Louise Muriaas

Why do states change positions in the United Nations General Assembly?
Samuel Brazys and Diana Panke

Paying attention and the incumbency effect: Voting behavior in the 2014 Toronto Municipal Election
Aaron A Moore, R Michael McGregor and Laura B Stephenson

Justifying the constitutional regulation of political parties: A framework for analysis
Gabriela Borz

From polarisation to pluralisation: A deliberative approach to illiberal cultures
Selen A Ercan

Regional party networks and the limits of democratic norm diffusion in Southeast Asia
Dirk Tomsa

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