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Articles · Oversized Government Coalitions in Latin America Meireles, Fernando… · The Public and Private Spheres, Sociopolitical Integration and the Demands of Difference: the Responses of Multiculturalism Carvalho, Bruno Sciberras… · Personality, Political Attitudes and Participation in Protests: The Direct and Mediated Effects of Psychological Factors on Political Activism Ribeiro, Ednaldo Aparecido; Borba, Julian… · Corporate Dependence in Brazil's 2010 Elections for Federal Deputy Mancuso, Wagner Pralon; Figueiredo Filho, Dalson Britto; Speck, Bruno Wilhelm; Silva, Lucas Emanuel Oliveira; Rocha, Enivaldo Carvalho da… · How Important is Twitter to Local Elections in Brazil? A Case Study of Fortaleza City Council Marques, Francisco Paulo Jamil; Mont’Alverne, Camila… · Foreign aid and the governance of international financial organizations: the Brazilian-bloc case in the IMF and the World Bank Apolinário Junior, Laerte… · High-level Federal Bureaucracy and Policy Formulation: the Case of the Bolsa Família Program Andrade, Fabio Pereira de; Lima-Silva, Fernanda… Book Reviews · The Neo-Gramscian School to International Political Economy, Passive Revolution and Globalization Mendonça, Filipe… · Brazilian Engagement in Africa Mitchell, Chanika… · Bureaucracy and Policy Implementation Souza, Celina… · The Politics of Market Discipline in Latin America: Globalization and Democracy Pinheiro, Flávio… · On Parties, Party Systems and Democracy: Selected Writings of Peter Mair Nicolau, Jairo… · Contested Epidemics: Policy Response in Brazil and the U.S. and what the BRICS Can Learn Vaitsman, Jeni…