Senior Lecturer in Peace and Development Research with a Focus on International Relations

The School of Global Studies (SGS)
University of Gothenburg
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The School of Global Studies (SGS) is an innovative university environment for research and education in globalization and global issues. We seek a person who would find it stimulating to work in a dynamic, international and interdisciplinary setting.

The department's educational and research activities include the following subjects: Peace and Development Research, International Relations, Global Development Studies, Global Studies, Human Ecology, Environmental Social Science, Human Rights, Social Anthropology and Regional Studies.

Subject area
Peace- and development research with a focus on International Relations

Subject area description
The School of Global Studies invites junior and senior applicants for a position in its peace and development research group with a focus on International Relations. The School takes a broad approach to IR, encompassing international relations theory, peace and conflict research, critical security studies, and international political economy.

Job assignments
Teaching will be primarily at undergraduate and masters levels, but may also involve some teaching at the doctoral level. The successful applicant will also be expected to participate in the Schools curricular development and, when necessary, to perform administrative and leadership tasks.
Since external funding is so important for financing the research activities of the Schools teaching staff, the successful applicant will also be expected to actively contribute to efforts to apply for external funding.

The qualifications for academic positions are given in Chapter 4, Section 3 - 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance and the University of Gothenburg Appointment Procedures for Teachers. To qualify as a lecturer you must hold a PhD and are able to demonstrate pedagogical expertise.

The application must include the following documents:
(see also Vacancies for more information about how to apply for this position)

• A list of the scientific and educational works referred to. The applicant should specify a maximum of 10 publications or other submitted works.

• A brief summary of scientific, educational and administrative activities Documentation of the scientific merit may include information on research funds, if the applicant was the main or co-applicant, as well as their size. Documentation of pedagogical merits can include certificates, course evaluations and qualitative reviews by Directors of Studies or the equivalent. Qualifications should be supported by certified copies of diplomas, certificates and other documents cited in PDF format.

The description shall indicate the studies and results, and other activities that, according to the applicant wish to be considered in the appointment. The starting point for the presentation of scientific and educational activities will be the University's general employment regulations and the faculty implementing arrangements for the employment of teachers (see link above). Personal circumstances (such as parental leave) that may be relevant to the assessment of qualifications an also be included here.

• A brief statement of the candidate's future research plans and what the applicant intends to do to develop the research at the department.

• A concise statement of the applicant's experience of cooperation with the surrounding society.

• The scientific publications (maximum 10) which are submitted shall be numbered according to the publication list (these cannot be sent by e-mail). These must be uploaded in full text as an attachment in PDF format.

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