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We invite applications for the position as director of the Centre for Military Studies at Department of Political Science, Faculty of the Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The position is available from 1 October 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter.  
Applications are sought from eminent candidates, on the level of senior researcher, professor with special responsibility or full professor, who will be able to manage and develop the Centre for Military Studies.  
A successful applicant must possess significant managerial and strategic competences as well as the relevant academic competences.  
Managerial and strategic competences:  

  • Experience with managing think tank and policy-work, preferably in a university context  
  • Proven teambuilding and team-development competences  
  • Proven ability to motivate and manage the performance of researchers and military analysts at the Centre  
  • Proven communication and networking skills  
  • Demonstrated ability to make the Centre a truly world-class university think tank  

Academic Competences  

  • In-depth knowledge of in-depth knowledge of Danish Defence and Transatlantic/European defence  
  • A proven record of high academic and policy impact  
  • Proven ability to develop new ways of knowledge exchange and policy impact  

These generic academic competences should be demonstrated on different levels depending on whether the applicant applies for a position at the associate professor level, a professorship with special responsibilities or a full professorship.  
Applicants must submit a brief (no more than 3 pages) vision statement on how they will develop the Centre for Military Studies. The vision statement should include the top three strategic priorities for the Centre in the next 5 years and a description of how they should be realized. The vision statement should also describe how the candidate will envision the Centre engaging with issues of Russia, Northern European security and cyber security.

Job description  
The director is responsible to a board and the Head of the Political Science Department. The director is responsible for the daily management of the Centre and its employees. The director is responsible for liaising with the Ministry of Defence, which funds the centre, with Parliament and other interested parties – in Denmark and abroad. The director also represent the centre in Danish and international media. Furthermore, the director must set the strategic direction and supervise the continuous development of the Centre’s products.  
About the Department  
The Centre for Military Studies is closely integrated into the Department of Political Science and the director is expected to be actively engaged in the management of the Department as well as the research and teaching activities of the Department. The Department of Political Science has 2,000 students in its BA and MA programmes in Political Science as well as the MA in Social Sciences and MA in Security Risk Management programmes. The faculty consists of 71 researchers and 38 PhD students, and there are 21 administrative staff. The Department is one of the top-ranked European political science departments. For more on the Department and its field of research, please consult our webpage:  
About the Centre for Military Studies  
Based in the Department of Political Science, the Centre for Military Studies is a university research centre focusing on policy-relevant research and research-based information and innovation that identifies options for Denmark’s defence and security policy in a time of increased uncertainty. Research at the Centre is thus a means to identify policy options in a complex, interconnected security environment. The Centre works closely with the Danish Ministry of Defence, the Danish Armed Forces and the political world to investigate issues and develop ideas and options. As an integrated part of the Department of Political Science the Centre takes part in teaching and research activities at the Department. For more information about the Centre, please go to  
Applications must be in English and must include the following information and documentation:  

  • A cover letter that indicates whether you wish to apply for the position at senior researcher level, the professorship with special responsibilities or the full  professorship – or a priority between the three positions.  
  • A full CV, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail, previous, present employment, and academic background, including a record of research and international  
  • research cooperation.  
  • A complete and numbered list of publications. The publications enclosed in the application – a maximum of 10 – that the applicant would like the assessment committee to consider, should be marked with an asterisk (*). Please note that at the senior researcher level only a maximum of 6 publications are required.  
  • Teaching portfolio in accordance with the Faculty’s rules:  
  • Documentation of experience with managing research and/or teaching  
  • Documentation of the ability to collaborate and share knowledge with society  
  • Vision statement  
  • A portfolio detailing competences in research-based think tank and policy-work.  

If publications marked by an asterisk (*) are the result of a joint effort, the extent and the nature of the applicant’s contribution to each individual work must be clarified in the application, and if possible, a declaration from the co-authors or the head of the institution or office at which the work was completed should be enclosed as well.  
Conditions of employment  
Salary and conditions of employment will be in accordance with the agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC). The annual salary is currently DKR 461,868 (EUR 62,000 app.) at the Associate Professor level and DKR 605.528 (EUR 81,300 app.) at the professor level. In addition to the salary paid directly to you, the University will also pay a monthly contribution to your pension fund corresponding to 17.1 % of your salary. Negotiation for additional supplements will be possible. A special tax scheme is offered to researchers recruited abroad, see  
Please note that a position as professor with special responsibilities is offered as a 5-year professorship with special responsibilities, with the possibility of extension for up to 3 years. On expiry of the professorship period, the appointee is offered employment and remuneration as Associate Professor.  
Especially about the Director supplement: A special duty supplement will be available for the position and will be paid for a period of 5 years. The special duty supplement will be in the range of 60,000 DKK p.a. depending on qualifications. The period as director and the special duty supplement can be prolonged if the funding for the Centre for Military Studies is available after 5 years. The positions as senior researcher or full professor/professor with special responsibilities are permanent positons and will be paid by the Department of Political Science in case of the funding for the centre for Military Studies is not prolonged.  
Application procedure  
After the expiry of the deadline for applications, applicants are selected for assessment on the advice of the Appointment Committee. All applicants are then immediately notified whether their application has been passed for assessment by an expert assessment committee. Selected applicants are notified of the composition of the committee, and each applicant will be given the opportunity to comment on the part of the assessment that relates to the applicant him-/herself. The recruitment process is presented at
The terms of reference of the appointment process include that interviews and seminars may be held. Interviews for this position is expected to be held ultimo September 2018.  
The University of Copenhagen wishes to encourage everyone interested in this post to apply, regardless of personal background.
Additional information can be obtained from Head of Department, Professor Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen, Tel: +45 2118 1048, email:
The deadline for applications, including enclosures, is 1 August 2018 (at Midnight 23.59 Danish Time)  

Please note: Applications must be submitted and documents must be uploaded online. Press “Apply” and fill in the application form. Applications sent by regular mail or by e-mail will not be accepted.  
Applications received after deadline will not be taken into account.