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The Società Italiana di Scienza Politica (SISP) is issuing a call for editors for its flagship journal Italian Political Science Review/Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica (IPSR/RISP).

The successful candidate team will become the editors of IPSR/RISP for a four-year term beginning 1st January 2019, pending a positive assessment at mid-term (after two years) and with the possibility of an extension for an additional year. It is expected that the incoming team will work closely with the current editors from the summer of 2018 to ensure a smooth transition.

Editorial Structure
Starting in 2018, IPSR/RISP will publish book reviews on the Cambridge University Press platform alongside the print+online research articles. With this in mind we would suggest that the next editorial team ideally be composed of three editors: two lead editors – one located in Italy and the other preferably located in the US or in another English-speaking country – who will take care of article selection, together with an associate editor in charge of book reviews. Moreover, the journal would benefit from the support of an editorial administrator to aid the editors in their relations with authors and reviewers.

Cambridge University Press supports the journal with an annual endowment of £GBP5,000 (£GBP2,000 per lead editor and £GBP500 each to the associate editor and editorial administrator) to be spent in running and promoting the journal. In addition, SISP provides € 3,000 to cover for travel, postage and book purchase expenses.Cambridge University Press also supports the annual Giovanni Sartori best paper prize to the value of £GBP500 and £GBP150 worth of CUP books.

Prospective teams of editors should submit by 31 January 2018 a five-pages document outlining:
• The profiles of the team members
• The organizational and institutional support for the editorial team
• A brief assessment of developments in political science journal publication practices
• The editorial strategy, possibly outlining new initiatives concerning production, research transparency and dissemination.

Please send your proposal to: Simona Piattoni, President, Società Italiana di Scienza Politica (Email: by January 31, 2018.

The prospective teams may be invited to present their editorial strategy to the SISP Executive Board at the March meeting which will take place in Bologna. Skype interviews will also be possible.