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Lecturer in Politics

Geography, Politics & Sociology
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Application Deadline: 26 May, 2016

Applications are invited for a Lectureship in Politics, based in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology. The successful candidate will join an expanding Politics unit committed to achieving excellence in both research and teaching. This position is a strategic appointment to contribute to the University’s digital civics research initiative hosted by Open Lab in the School of Computing Science. Open Lab has particular expertise in cross-disciplinary research and the application of digital technologies to real-world problems.

Applications are welcome from candidates with an excellent record of published research or outstanding research potential in any area of Politics. The appointee will be expected to develop collaborative projects with colleagues in Open Lab, which will generate external research funding and lead to internationally excellent publications and real-world impact. The successful applicant will contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Politics and the supervision of research postgraduates in Politics and the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Civics. We would especially welcome applicants with expertise in democratic innovations, including new modes of political participation, civic activism, social movements, digital politics or ‘everyday politics’.

Informal and confidential enquiries may be made to the Head of Politics, Prof. Derek Bell, (tel: +44 (0)191 208 7465; email derek.bell@ncl.ac.uk

The School’s web site can be viewed at http://www.ncl.ac.uk/gps/  and information on Politics can be found at http://www.ncl.ac.uk/gps/politics/

Concordia University's New Postdoctoral Fellows Program

Concordia University
Montreal, Canada
Application Deadline: 27 May, 2016

Purpose: This program is one of the key components of the Double our Research strategic direction intended to bring in a fresh pool of exceptional young researchers that will boost the productivity and visibility of Concordia’s research. These young researchers will be poised to take on leading research roles in their careers after their fellowship at Concordia.  

Scope: Up to 30 two-year fellowship positions (valued at $116,000 over two years) will be funded. SGS will provide grants of $76,000 for each position and the remaining $40,000 will be matching funds provided by the principal investigator. The process consists of 2 steps. In the first step, principal investigators submit their proposals, the proposals are adjudicated and the resulting postdoctoral positions are allocated. In the second step, public calls for the identified positions are made with a coordinated advertising campaign and the positions are filled with best-fitting, eligible candidates.

STEP 1: Faculty Member/PI Application

Eligibility of Principal investigators: 

  • The principal applicant must be a regular, full-time faculty member at Concordia University or a part-time faculty member who is actively involved in research, has an affiliate appointment and a support letter from their department including information about end dates of their appointment.
  • Co-supervision is also encouraged (to a maximum of two supervisors)**
  • Must have a profile in Explore.

Postdoctoral position grant application (at this point the PDF candidate is not identified):  
- Interested researchers (PIs) must submit the following two documents through CONRAD (a PI may apply for up to two postdoctoral fellows if they have the matching funds): 

5 page C.V emphasizing primarily:

  • Recent research accomplishments
  • Past contribution to training of postdoctoral fellows and/or doctoral students 

2-3 Page Description of the proposed research program including

  • Demonstration of the fit with the University’s Strategic Research Plan
  • Expected impact on the research profile of the academic/research unit and  existing critical mass of expertise or, if an emerging area, the potential for building a critical mass
  • Detailed training plan for how the postdoc will be integrated in the research environment of the unit
  • Matching funds (primarily research grant(s), indicating the grant number) o Approval
  • Approval of the faculty associate dean is required to submit an application.

The applications will be evaluated and ranked by a committee based upon the excellence of the researcher(s) as demonstrated in the CV(s) and the merit of the proposal in terms of all of the components identified above. The PIs who are to receive the grants (pending the successful recruitment of a high caliber candidate) will be identified.

STEP 2: Recruitment of Postdoctoral fellows

  • Position advertisements will be produced and posted publicly for all 30 postdoctoral fellow positions by SGS to allow for maximum exposure/publicity/advertisement. 
  • The selected PIs will disseminate the advertisements to their networks and research communities (nationally and internationally). 
  • SGS will host a web site featuring the available postdoc positions and the associated PIs and research programs (linked to Explore)

Eligibility of Postdoctoral Fellows:   

  • Only postdoctoral fellows new to Concordia are eligible (must not currently hold a postdoctoral appointment at Concordia).
  • Priority will be given to Postdoctoral Fellows who have obtained their PhD from another university although in exceptional cases our own graduates may be considered.
  • Must adhere to the postdoctoral fellow eligibility criteria outlined in the Postdoctoral Policy at Concordia University. 
  • Postdoctoral Fellows must demonstrate competency in English.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows must demonstrate research excellence.

Application process:  
The application process will be open within a maximum timeline of 3 months so that all postdoctoral fellows are identified by September 30, 2016. Postdoctoral fellowships may be taken up until January 2017 for the first year of this program.  
Applications are submitted to SGS. Candidates must provide the following documents in order to be considered:

  • 5 page C.V demonstrating research excellence and capacity for leadership in the domain
  • 2 letters of recommendation 
  • 1-3 page research statement demonstrating their fit with the research program identified by the PI.

 Final selection of Postdoctoral fellows:  
SGS will evaluate candidates’ eligibility in consultation with faculty ADR&GS as needed.

  • PIs will have the final say on which applicant to hire for their position.
  • Candidates are to be interviewed by the PIs to ensure that competencies are met. 
  • The recruitment process will be carried out in accordance with the University’s commitment to diversity and gender equity as outlined in Concordia’s policy on Employment Equity (2002) and recent commitments to the Federal Contractors Program