Taking Inequality Seriously: Economy and Society in the Age of Inequalities -- Early Career Researcher Workshop

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University of Sheffield
United Kingdom
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PSA British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group

Rising inequalities have been a common source of economic, social and political discord in both advanced and developing countries. Such tension has manifested itself in turbulent politics, the emergence of new forms of social grievances, stagnant growth rates, low economic satisfaction and social intolerance. While political discourses and social movements have rightly prioritised the need to address inequalities within and across societies, much of the policy practices have failed to remedy such tensions, which, in fact, seem to be escalating.

The causes and consequences of distinct inequalities, such as income, wealth, social, racial, educational, gender, health, inter-generational, geographic etc., have been studied within their respective sub-disciplines. However, recent developments show that the impact of inequality cross-cuts singular issues under study. Therefore, the workshop seeks to bring together contributions from the broader study of political economy focusing on the causes, consequences, and concepts of different types of inequalities.

We invite submissions from early career researchers from a diverse range of empirical and theoretical backgrounds, as well as geographical areas of study, that focus on inequalities. Contributions are welcome from across the social sciences, as well as interdisciplinary approaches, that are related to the political economy of the following themes:

  • Comparative political economy of inequalities
  • Varieties and trajectories of inequality
  • Interactions between different inequalities
  • New forms of discontent and inequality
  • Inequality and economic growth
  • Subjective perceptions of inequality
  • Methodological approaches in the study of inequalities

Please note that there is no registration fee and there are some reimbursements for travel expenses available. Please submit an abstract of 250 words to Elif Naz Kayran: elif.kayran@graduateinstitute.ch by October 8th 2018.

Abstracts will be reviewed on a continual basis; therefore, early submissions are strongly encouraged.