Measuring (the Quality of) Leadership Conference

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University of Warsaw
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People talk about strong or weak, good or bad leadership, yet we often  leave such qualitative judgments unsubstantiated. In the academe we aspire to build methodologies which allow for solid measures to support qualitative statements. Having specific measures of leadership allows for comparisons in leadership studies. The goal of our conference is to search for the answers to the following questions:

  • By what methods can leadership be studied best? Can leadership be measured effectively?
  • What are our reference points when we want to define the quality of leadership: imagination or reality? comparison with the past or current situation? Personalities or circumstances?
  • What research methods are appropriate, from what fields of study may they come? How to draw conclusions from studies done by diverse methods?
  • Can effectiveness of leadership be predicted?
  • When we have measures of leadership does it help us study how leadership emerges, lasts, evolves or ends?

By posing such (and the like) questions we wish to gain insight to the already existing or just conceived METHODS OF STUDYING AND MEASURING leadership contemporary and historical cases. We are seeking methods which will allow us to harden often intuitive and casual judgments as to the quality of leadership.

We are extending this invitation to all scholars who have decided to focus their attention on leadership. By no means we are limiting our call to political scientists. On the contrary, we are confident that efficient and practical methods of leadership studies can be developed  at the juncture of various fields of study: sociology, history, psychology, management. We
are interested in studies of leadership in various areas of public life: politics, administration, non-governmental organizations, or business. We invite scholars at different stages of advancement of their academic careers.

When  selecting papers for the conference we will  focus on the methods of studying and measuring leadership. We hope that our conference will become a good forum  for all kind of scholars at all stages of their research who would like to share and discuss results of their work with likeminded colleagues.

We are planning to publish (online or paper) the texts which get a positive recommendation after blind peer review. The post-conference publication  will be a well-focused set of texts so we are asking the participants to explain in their conference submissions how they define leadership and how they propose to study/measure it. The proposals should be no longer than 800
characters, submitted in word or pdf format. We are asking the prospective participants to include a brief biographical note which describes their fields of research interest. It will help us prepare a rich and coherent program.