Early Career Researcher Workshop - Taking the Next Step: New Frontiers in the Interdisciplinary Study of Finance

University of Warwick
United Kingdom
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It is a strange moment for early career researchers to research finance. The furore of the Great Financial Crisis and the Eurozone Crisis has faded, yet the risks and uncertainties of finance remain the same. Rampant speculation and asset bubbles continue to thrive. Public debt and private debt is back to pre-crisis levels, and the financialization of virtually all aspects of economic and social spheres is deepening further. Meanwhile, research efforts in recent years have unveiled finance as a richly heterogenous field reaching far beyond what is commonly assumed to be financial. A large amount of work across disciplines has uncovered new ways in which finance is changing both itself as well as economies, societies and politics more broadly.

The purpose of the Early Career Researcher’s Workshop is to reflect on the current juncture of finance research, to understand the complexities of finance and to discuss the changes and continuities in a research agenda gradually moving on from the overriding concern with the crisis. Therefore, the workshop seeks to address several new research areas within finance which we believe can benefit from interdisciplinary engagement and it aims to cultivate an academic sensitivity to the plurality of approaches that sustain the current lines of finance research.

The workshop is designed for early career scholars, PhD students as well as Post-docs to exchange ideas and lay the basis for a sustained conversation about the changing horizons of finance research. It addresses scholars from a variety of fields, such as political science, sociology, political economy, economics, business studies, anthropology, geography, organization studies, history, gender studies, and more, that share an interest in finance and a curiosity for the many viewpoints built for its understanding.

We are calling for papers that recognize the need to mobilize new heritages and perspectives, in order to create a common vantage point for academic debate. We are seeking contributions that broadly address one (or several) of the following research streams:

-    Finance and Monetary Governance
-    Financial Infrastructure
-    Everyday Financialisation
-    Financialisation in the Global South
-    Gender and Finance
-    Digital Finance
-    Studying Finance: Reflections on Methods

The individual streams are explained in detail on the following pages.

The format of the workshop consists of two parts. During the first part, papers of early career researchers will be presented and discussed. Each paper will be introduced by a discussant who presents the paper to the group, providing comment and feedback, followed by a reply from the paper’s author. During the second part, the individual research streams will meet to kick-start a collaboration aimed at producing publishable output.
Paper proposals should be about 250 words long and be submitted by June 1st 2017 to: wcf@warwick.ac.uk. Proposals should clearly indicate the research question and address one of the research streams as outlined below.

Funds are available to support travel expenses for a number of unfunded participants. If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please indicate this when submitting your abstract.

Application deadline: 1 June 2017
Notification of acceptance: 30 June 2017
Papers due: 31 August 2017
Workshop: 25-26 September 2017

For further information, please visit the event page: