AUCiP – ALACIP 9th Latin American Congress of Political Science

Universidad Católica del Uruguay
End Date

Next year AUCiP (the Uruguayan Association of Political Science) will be hosting the 9° Latin American Congress of Political Science. The congress will take place in Montevideo during the 26, 27 and 28 of July 2017. The call for papers and panels is now opened until the 15th January. ALACIP’s (the Latin American Association of Political Science) international congresses are celebrated every two years, and AUCiP has the honor of being the first national association in charge of its organization. We are committed to a congress of the best quality, and we hope we will count on the participation of colleagues from all over the region and beyond. Democracies in recession? The evolution of political science in Latin America cannot be separated from the path of democracy. The intense processes of democratization occurring during the last quarter of the XXth century gave a great impulse to the discipline: they encouraged political debates and illuminated sophisticated studies on crucial topics, such as the logic of democratic transitions and the causal connection between democratic instability and the type of government. These studies have become important contributions to the discipline. The context is challenging us again. The time has come to pose ourselves difficult questions: is democracy in the region in decline? What are the main problems of our political institutions? What is circumstantial and what is structural in those problems? To what extent, and in which specific ways, is the economic deceleration affecting Latin American democracy and the political processes underway? Is it correct to affirm that the pendulum of politics is moving to the right? If it is so, what consequences does this ideological change have for citizenship and public policies? We hope that ALACIP’s 9° Congress will allow us to find constructive and collective answers to the current challenges in our region.