The 5th COES International Conference

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Universidad de Chile
Santiago de Chile
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The Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies (COES) extends an invitation to participate in an interdisciplinary reflection on the concentration of power, wealth, status and information, among other sources of domination present in society. We are interested in understanding the temporal, political, social and spatial effects on the development of social conflict and cohesion.
On this occasion, the concentration of power will be analysed from different perspectives, according to the following thematic lines:

1. Concentration of wealth and income: evolution, causes and consequences
2. Concentration of ownership of media outlets: Why does it matter?
3. The Chilean elite: Circulation, ruptures, discontinuities or reproduction?
4. Concentrations of political voice
5. Urban concentration and segregation
6. Domination and hegemony of the masculine models on social bonds
7. The domination of diplomas: Concentration of cultural capital
8. Psychosocial factors that explain the concentration and motivation to maintain power