2017 UCSIA Summer School on “Religion, Culture and Society”

End Date

In 2017 our program is dedicated to the topic 'Between Market, State and Religion: Economic Realities, Social Justice and Faith Traditions (27th of August until 2nd of September 2017, Antwerp, Belgium). The central aim of the UCSIA summer school 2017 is thus is to reflect upon the evolutions of economic markets interacting with specific political and socio-religious contexts through time and space. We will focus upon the ways in which socio-economic evolutions such as globalization, the historical rise of capitalist economies and the idea of the self-regulating market interact with and affect socio-religious and cultural normative frameworks on both the level of governmental policy, economic stakeholders and the individual household. The present call invites paper proposals in which the broad topic of economic realities interacting with social contexts and faith traditions will be discussed from a diverse lines of approach, clustered around following subthemes:
Globalization, economic imperialism and social justice

  • Human rights and economic growth
  • Importance of faith traditions on entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation and poverty rights
  • Economic development, feminism and post-colonialism

Religious communities and economic values and production

  • Monastic life and economic values
  • Buddhism and poverty
  • Jains and development
  • Confucianism and Chinese economic development
  • Islam, equality and economic practice

Capitalism under construction: appropriation of capitalist producing and consuming

  • ‘Regulating the invisible hand’: The socio-economic responsibility of local and international policy  makers in governing the capitalistic market.
  • How ‘western’ is capitalism?

Practical details:

Participation and stay for young scholars and researchers are free of charge. Participants should pay for their own travel expenses to Antwerp.

You can submit your application via the electronic submission on the summer school website. The completed file as well as all other required application documents must be submitted to the UCSIA Selection Committee not later than Sunday May 14th 2017.

For further information regarding the program and application procedure, please have a look at our website: http://www.ucsia.org/summerschool