RC39: Welfare States and Developing Societies

Application Deadline

RC 39 calls for individual papers as well as panel proposals for the 25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science to be held at Brisbane, Australia from July 21-26, 2018. We would welcome proposals related to the Congress theme: Borders and Margins.

We can have proposals on the impact of margins created in the wake of globalization in the sense of empirical borders and conceptual ones in the form of socio-cultural, economic, religious, ethnic, linguistic and/or gender-based distinctions paving the way for identity politics and political management. We would also welcome proposals by individuals and panel givers on the general objectives of the RC. We intend to propose four panels tentatively as below:

Panel One: Social welfare as a form of social justice: can there be trade off between economic efficiency and social justice?

Panel Two: Comparing welfare systems. This panel welcomes well-researched proposals focusing on welfare systems in the developed and developing world, between two or more developed or developing countries.

Panel Three: Welfare state and developing society: from generosity to austerity. This panel welcomes proposals on the effect of financial crisis on welfare systems, challenges before welfare states, need for social insurance, promotion of individual responsibility, etc.

Panel Four: Future trends in welfare reforms. It is yet to be seen whether we can move towards some collective form of social security or whether the financial crisis will be used by clever politicians towards permanently restructuring the welfare state. We may find paradigm shifts in public attitudes moving beyond egalitarianism and social justice to civilized politics.  

Proposals for panels and individual papers need not be confined to these four panels only. We can always expand our horizon by creating more panels.  Proposals for panels and individual papers may be sent to the Convener and/or Co-convener:

Convener/Chair:                                   Co-convener:            
Dr. Asha Gupta,                                     Dr. Natália Sátyro    
Former Director, DHMI                         Federal University of Minas Gerais
University of Delhi, India                      Brazil, South America.        
ashagupta3452@gmail.com             Natalia.satyro@icloud.com