IAPSS Panels at the IPSA World Congress 2018 in Brisbane

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About the IAPSS Panels

The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) welcomes papers particularly from students and junior scholars of Political Science, International Relations and related fields for its panels to be held at the upcoming 25th World Congress of Political Science of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), from 21 to 25 July 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. We encourage applications focussing on conceptual, theoretical and empirical approaches to diversity and globalization from students coming from all around the globe. We are also looking for one discussant and one chairperson per panel.

The panels hosted by IAPSS are loosely based on the IPSA World Congress theme ‘Borders and Margins’ and the thematic framework of IAPSS’ Annual Theme 2018 ‘Diversity and Globalization’. Their focus revolves particularly around the observation of the fluidity of various forms of borders in the globalized world, which may be an opportunity as well as a threat to spreading and accommodating diversity in political communities.  

The Theme & Topics Addressed

We live in a diverse and increasingly globalized world. Its complexities have become evident not least during several major political changes in the last few years.

The discussions on both how to accommodate and institutionalize diversity as a major advantage of progress as well as on how to address political changes that can often create instability at various levels have been ongoing and no single answer seems to have been provided. Attempts to answer such questions might adopt multiple levels of analysis, ranging from the ‘global order’ and the world of principles through international and domestic institutions, specific regions and countries, up to the individual.

For social science disciplines, the rapid changes also pose a challenge of understanding and explaining them with the help of available theories and methodologies. Both theory testing and theory development with refined established or novel methodologies is needed to better understand how institutions and societies can advance towards being more inclusive and better off in a diverse and globalized world.

The key topics we will address are (but are not limited to):

  • theoretical approaches to globalization;
  • effects of globalization;
  • current global order;
  • concept of power in international politics;
  • political crises;
  • the impact of political institutions on political systems in a globalized world;
  • models of democracy and regime types;
  • international security;
  • role of the non-state actors in international relations;
  • international organizations in the contemporary international affairs;
  • democratic transitions;
  • theories of development;
  • conflict management;
  • international migration/migration studies.

Why submit your abstract to the IAPSS Panels?

  • it is an amazing opportunity for students and junior scholars to attend a high-level academic conference, present their research and interact with renowned professors;
  • active participants of the IAPSS Panels will have the chance to become part of two outstanding academic networks at the same time – IPSA and IAPSS – that will for sure help them in their future academic and professional endeavours;
  • successful papers presenters, chairs and discussants of the IAPSS panels will receive an exclusive IAPSS certificate of recognition for their contribution to the academic discussion during one or more of these panels;
  • depending on the number of participants in the IAPSS Panels, a separate information/social event related to IAPSS will be held, where participants will get the chance to learn about all the opportunities for their potential further engagement in IAPSS;
  • successfully presented papers may be submitted to one of the IAPSS journals (Politikon or Encuentro Latioamericano) for review after the IPSA World Congress.