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Politics and Governance

Five Years beyond the Arab Spring: Political Transformations and Prospects of Democratization in the Middle East
Vol. 4
No. 6
Published by: Cogitatio Press
Application Deadline: 31 July, 2016

The journal of "Politics and Governance" announces call for papers for a special issue.

Title: Five Years beyond the Arab Spring: Political Transformations and Prospects of Democratization in the Middle East

Editors: Christian Haerpfer (President of the WVSA, University of Vienna, Austria) and Kseniya Kizilova (Secretary of WVSA, Institute for Comparative Survey Research, Vienna, Austria)

Deadline for Abstracts: 31 July 2016
Deadline for Submissions: 30 September 2016
Publication of the Issue: December 2016

Information: The aim of the issue is to analyse different perspectives on the changes that took place in the countries of Middle East and North Africa in the last five years from different theoretical and disciplinary traditions. In the focus of our attention are also different elements of politics and political culture which have been affected by the Arab Spring, in particular, elections and party system, conventional and unconventional political participation, social capital and civic activity, support of social and political institutions, changes in social and socio-ethnic structure of the society. Implications of Arab Spring for the geopolitical development of the MENA region as well as its influence on development of other states beyond that also constitute the focus of research interest of this issue.

Instructions for Authors: Authors interested in submitting a paper for this issue are asked to consult the journal's editorial policies and to send their abstracts (about 200-250 words, with a tentative title) by email to the academic editors (c.w.haerpfer@gmail.com and ksenniya.kizilova@gmail.com) by 30 July 2016.

Authors shall also check with their institutions if funds are available to cover open access publication costs. Further information about the journal's open access charges and institutional memberships can be found in the "About" webpage.

RC 17
World Values Survey Association

Intersectionality in Law, Policy and Society

Queens University Belfast
Belfast, United Kingdom
26 October, 2016
Application Deadline: 31 July, 2016
Organised by:
CETLS, School of Law, Queens University Belfast
Contact: cetls@qub.ac.uk

As part of its efforts to bring together researchers and to encourage and facilitate cooperation among students and staff across disciplines, the Centre for European and Transnational Legal Studies, Queen’s University Belfast, is publishing this:

Call for Papers
Intersectionality in Law, Policy and Society

for an International Workshop for Postgraduate Research Students which will take place in Canada Room (Lanyon Building), Queen’s University, Belfast, United Kingdom at Wednesday 26 October, 2016 - 13:00 – 17:00. We are happy to announce that we have the honour of having Prof. Sandra Fredman from the University of Oxford as a keynote lecturer for the workshop.

Important dates and details
Conference venue: Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom
Date of conference: 26.10.2016
Abstracts deadline: 31.07.2016
Complete papers deadline: 30.09.2016
Contact email: cetls@qub.ac.uk
Participation fee: No fee
Funding support to travel and accommodation offered: No

Intersectionality, as both critical thinking and critical practice, has its strong roots in black feminism and a longer tradition in sociological studies. However, it was not until it was discussed in a socio-legal context that it gained wider recognition and became the subject of public policy and law. The present times of austerity, social media pushing the limits of the law, and the many “phobias” entering the public discourse especially in view of the “migrant” crisis invite a revisiting of the potential of intersectionality as both theoretical and methodological framework for critical observation of the dynamic power relations and categories of inequalities, through an interdisciplinary prism. This even more so in view of assessing the capacity of the law, as we know it today, to identify and to address the intersectional inequalities. To this end, we call on PhD researchers working with intersectionality to submit their papers and join us for a one-day workshop at Queen’s University Belfast.
We especially hope to attract papers dealing with the following issues considered from the standpoint of various disciplines:

• Intersectionality, the European Union and international organisations with a focus but not exclusivity on Europe and in the case law of Human Rights bodies and courts
• Intersectionality, public spending and economic, social and cultural rights
• Understanding of discrimination grounds and implications for law and legal and policy research
• Law, power relations and social inequalities in times of austerity, “migrant crisis” and possible post-Brexit scenarios
• The relationship between policy, law and participation for the purposes of addressing intersectional inequalities in theory and/or in practice (examples from all parts of the world are welcome)
• Experiences and thoughts on cumulative/additive inequalities vis-à-vis or versus the intersectional ones
• Methodologies and intersectionality with a focus on socio-legal studies

Submission Deadline for Abstracts: 31 July, 2016

Abstracts should be 250 words. They should clearly spell out the main argument put forward, the structure of the paper and the methods used. A short biographical note of no more than 5 lines should accompany the abstract. Please send the abstracts and the biographical notes in one single e-mail to cetls@qub.ac.uk by 31 July, 2016. If accepted, you will receive the CETLS’s Guidelines for Authors and will be expected to deliver a full paper of no more than 8.000 words by 30.09.2016. We will offer to publish some of the papers as part of the European (Legal) Studies Online Papers, published by the CELTS.