Political Science News - Call for Papers

20th Annual Conference of Central European Political Science Association - Security Architecture in the CEE: Present Threats and Prospects for Cooperation

Vilnius University
Vilnius, Lithuania
25 September, 2015 - 26 September, 2015
Application Deadline: 8 May, 2015

Therefore, a broad range of topics is suggested, which cover international relations, comparative politics and other sub-disciplines of political science:

  • Economic crisis and its security implications;
  • Populism and Political Radicalism in CEE;
  • Minority politics in Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Challenges of energy security
  • Military-civil relations in CEE democracies
  • Russia’s place in European security architecture;
  • NATO beyond 2014;
  • NATO enlargement: possibilities for Ukraine and Georgia;
  • Complexities of informational wars
  • Cybersecurity issues in CEE;
  • Co-operation between the EU and NATO in security matters;
  • The presence and challenges for the EU Eastern Partnership policy;
  • Relevance of post-modern security challenges in CEE region;
  • Significance of CEE security studies for international politics;
  • Contribution of CEE political research for general theory;
  • Current issues of normative political theory in CEE.

The mentioned list of sub-themes or/and panels is surely not comprehensive. While participants are especially invited to respond to the conference theme, proposals on other aspects of Central European politics will be considered as well. The conference is open to the researchers from all the countries with the interest in Central European affairs.

The academic program for the conference will be organized in the usual format of panels. Each panel should comprise four to five papers plus chair. We welcome individual paper proposals and / or complete panel proposals as well.

The tasks for a panel chair include:

  • proposing a panel around a theme;
  • maintaining a balance between established and new-coming scholars, and postgraduate students;
  • maintaining a balance with regards to the national affiliation of panelist (up to two panel members from the same national political science association)

Proposals for panels should include:

  • Name, institutional affiliation and email address of the proposed panel chair.
  • Proposed panel title and summary of its theme (approx. 250 words + up to 5 keywords).
  • Tentative indication of possible panelists including their names, institutional affiliation and email addresses

The closing date for panel proposals is midnight CET on 31st of March 2015.

Proposal for papers should include:

  • Name, institutional affiliation and email address of the proposed contributor.
  • Proposed paper title and summary of its theme (approx. 250 words + up to 5 keywords).
  • Proposed panel where the paper could be placed (if known)

The closing deadline for paper proposals is midnight CET on 8th of May 2015.

The proposals should be sent to liutauras.gudzinskas@tspmi.vu.lt.

Helsinki 40 Years After: International Reordering and Societal Change, 1975-1990

Université Sorbonne Paris Cité
Paris, France
10 December, 2015 - 12 December, 2015
Application Deadline: 15 May, 2015

Topics to be addressed

We invite papers (in English or French) dealing with all aspects of the foregoing problematic over the whole period. Contributions examining links between the foregoing issues and more classical diplomatic or security issues are also welcome.

We would also welcome contributions exploring the relevance of the CSCE process beyond the European “core” (e.g. the Mediterranean and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, the Western hemisphere, etc.)

Finally, we also encourage more “methodological” submissions contributing to the elucidation of the subject in a more general way, whether in historical or in theoretical terms (e.g. IR theory, security studies, sociology, law, gender studies, etc.) as well as contributions examining the legacy of the CSCE process and its interpretations up to now.



The organizers would be happy to consider additional proposals which potential contributors believe would fit in the overall intellectual framework of the conference.

The deadline for proposals is May 15, 2015. Proposals should include a title, a one page outline and a one page CV of the author with a list of major publications. Following the acceptance of the proposals (before the end of June), authors will receive editorial guidelines (e.g. format of the papers). In order for the papers to be available to conference participants beforehand, authors will be asked to submit their draft papers by November 20, 2015.

Depending on the results of the CFP, the conference organizers may plan to publish a selection of the papers as an edited volume or a special issue of a journal.  In that case, and in order for the publication to proceed swiftly, a deadline for the submission of final drafts of selected papers will be fixed.

Proposals should be emailed to csce2015@univ-paris3.fr