PSA 68th Annual International Conference - Politics of Our Times: Asking the Difficult Questions

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Cardiff City Hall
United Kingdom
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It a time when the world is increasingly being framed in terms of competing tribes, often with very different, seemingly incompatible world views, those of us engaged in the discipline of politics face a series of stark challenges.

Whether that is trying to explain the apparent changes in public attitudes which have placed liberal democracies across Europe and beyond under increasing pressure, but also called into question established explanations of voting behaviour and elections; evaluating the causes and consequences of deep-rooted social and economic inequalities, seen so starkly in the Grenfell fire tragedy; or understanding the impact of the echo chamber politics of social media on political discourse and debate. There are also challenges which are oriented around the future shape of the discipline: the opportunities and risks related to big data; engaging with those outside academia; and facing up to the underrepresentation of women and BME groups in our own discipline. In engaging with these challenges we are forced to ask and not eschew the difficult questions.

In a post-truth and post-Brexit world where economic and social norms are being tested to breaking point, this conference will seek to herald the return of the expert, championing the breadth and depth of knowledge that our discipline is so rightly proud and celebrating the diversity of theories, methods and approaches that characterise it. We welcome all who seek to engage in the challenging debates and difficult questions of our time with rigorous research and interdisciplinarity to the fore. Furthermore, the conference will actively look beyond the traditional academic community, embracing the notion that in order to effectively think about, discuss and debate the key problems of our time we have to seek expertise and experience across all strata of society.

We hope that Cardiff, the capital of Wales and one of the UK's fastest growing cities, which exudes an international outlook, warm hospitality and an eclectic culture will provide a stimulating environment to welcome you to the PSA Conference in 2018.

Important Dates
Friday 15th September 2017: Submissions for paper and panel proposals open

Monday 9th October 2017: Conference registration opens (Early Bird rates)

Friday 10th November 2017: Deadline for paper and panel proposals has now been extended to this date (acceptances will be conveyed from October onwards); acceptance/rejection emails will be sent by early December 2017

Wednesday 24th January 2018: Deadline to register using early bird rates

Friday 9th February 2018: Deadline for ECN & International Visitor Grant Applications

Friday 16th February 2018: Deadline for paper-givers to register / Deadline for booking childcare

Monday 19th March 2018: Deadline for paper uploads