2018 Online Summer Courses at University of Missouri

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 Peace Studies at the University of Missouri currently offers several Online Summer courses for the year 2018:

  • PEA_ST 1050W – Introduction to Peace Studies, Peace Studies 1050 Flyer
  • PEA_ST 1051, 1051W Writing Intensive – International Conflict Resolution and Group Reconciliation, Peace Studies 1051 Flyer
  • PEA_ST 2200,  2200W Writing Intensive – Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social Effects, Peace Studies 2200 Flyer
  • PEA_ST 2280, 2280W Writing Intensive – Race, Democracy, and Violence in Cuba and Haiti, Peace Studies 2280 Flyer
  • PEA_ST 2287, 2287W Writing Intensive – Conspiracies, Popular Imagination, Evidence
  • PEA_ST 2288, 2288W Writing Intensive – Sports, Protest Movements, and Conflict Resolution, Peace Studies 2288 Flyer
  • [PEA_ST 2289  This course not offered]
  • PEA_ST 2291, 2291W Writing Intensive --   IT and the Creative Mind, focusing on the social consequences of Artificial Intelligence,  Peace Studies 2291 Flyer
  • PEA_ST 2550 – Human Rights, Law, War and Peace  (self-paced course)
  • PEA_ST 2600, 2600W Writing Intensive – CAFO: Concentrated Animals, Deep Ecology, Peace Studies 2600 Flyer