Poznań 2016 - Programme

Le programme imprimé du 24e Congrès mondial de science politique est disponible en formats suivants:

Veuillez noter que le programme imprimé ne tient pas compte des modifications apportées au programme après le 1er juin 2016.

Les communications présentées lors du congrès sont disponibles dans le Dépôt d’articles en ligne de l'AISP.

Aperçu de l'horaire

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Samedi, le 23 juillet

09:00-17:00Research Methods Courses (AMU-Morasko)
09:00-17:00Pre-Congress Workshops (AMU-Morasko)
09:00-17:00EC Meeting - Mercure Hotel
15:00-18:00Pre-Registration (PCC-15)
15:00-18:00Exhibitor Set Up

Dimanche, le 24 juillet (Jour 1)

08:00-10:30Exhibitor Set Up
10:00-12:00Poznań Classic (the Old Town) - Walking Tour
10:30-18:00Exhibition Open (PCC-15)
11:00-12:30Plenary: Inequality: The Enemy Between Us - Richard Wilkinson
13:30-15:15Special Session: Roundtable: The Future of Political Science: IPSA Past Presidents Look Over the Evolution of our Discipline
13:30-15:15Panel Sessions (C)
15:30-17:15Panel Sessions (D)
17:30-19:15Panel Sessions (E)
19:30Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception

Lundi, le 25 juillet (Jour 2)

08:00-17:30Registration / Certificate of Attendance Pick up (PCC-15)
09:00-17:30Exhibition Open (PCC-15)
09:00-10:45Panel Sessions (A)
11:00-12:30Plenary: Legitimacy of the Political System: System Support from a Comparative Perspective - President's Plenary
13:30-15:15Award Session: Juan Linz Award Lecture - Brendan O'Leary
13:30-15:15Panel Sessions (C)
13:30-17:15Council Meeting
14:00-16:00Imperial District in Poznań - Walking Tour
15:30-17:15Special Session: Roundtable: The IPSA-APSA Summer School Experience - Prospects for Cooperation
15:30-17:15Special Session: 2016 World Social Science Report – “Challenging Inequalities: Pathways to a Just World”
15:30-17:15Panel Sessions (D)
17:30-19:15Panel Sessions (E)
17:30World Values Survey Association - Welcoming Reception

Jeudi, le 26 juillet (Jour 3)

08:30-17:30Registration / Certificate of Attendance Pick up (PCC-15)
09:00-17:30Exhibition Open (PCC-15)
09:00-10:45Panel Sessions (A)
09:00-12:00Council Meeting: Election of President
10:00-12:00Poznań Classic (the Old Town) - Walking Tour
11:00-12:30Plenary: Inequality in the 21st Century: A problem for Politics – Joseph E Stiglitz (VIDEO): Responses by Phil Cerny, John Gaventa, Helen Milner, Lourdes Sola
13:30-15:15Award Session: Global South Award Lecture - Erica Gorbak
13:30-15:15Special Session: Roundtable: The 30 Years of "Transition from Authoritarian Rule"
13:30-15:15Panel Sessions (C)
15:30-17:15Special Session: Politics as a Science (With Apologies to Max Weber)
15:30-17:15Meeting of Presidents and Secretaries of National Associations
15:30-17:15Panel Sessions (D)
17:30-19:15Panel Sessions (E)
17:30-18:30Award Session: Meisel-Laponce Award Ceremony - Lingling Qi & Doh Chull Shin
18:30-19:30SAGE Reception
19:30Polish Evening hosted by Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU-Morasko)

Mercredi, le 27 juillet (Jour 4)

08:30-17:30Registration / Certificate of Attendance Pick up (PCC-15)
09:00-17:30Exhibition Open (PCC-15)
09:00-10:45Panel Sessions (A)
11:00-12:30Plenary: When Democracy Fails Twice: Can Losers Accept the Victors as Legitimate - Peter Anyang' Nyong'o
13:30-15:15Award Session: Karl Deutsch Award Lecture - Rein Taagepera
13:30-15:15Special Session: Roundtable: IPSA MOOCs: A New Frontier for Online Education
13:30-15:15Special Session: The Community of Political Science in Russia: 60 Years of Development (1955-2015)
13:30-15:15Panel Sessions (C)
14:00-16:00The Origins of Poland (Ostrów Tumski - Cathedral Island) - Walking Tour
15:30-17:15Special Session: RC 14 After 40 Years: What We Know (and Still Do Not Know) About Ethnicity and Politics
15:30-17:15Panel Sessions (D)
17:15-20:15Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Research (Election of the RC Liaison Representative)
17:30-19:15Panel Sessions (E)
19:30Piano Concert by GRAMMY® Winning pianist Angelin Chang: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of RC18

Jeudi, Le 28 juillet (Jour 5)

08:30-18:00Registration / Certificate of Attendance Pick up (PCC-15)
09:00-17:00Exhibition Open (PCC-15)
09:00-10:45Panel Sessions (A)
09:00-12:00Council Meeting: Election of Executive Committee
11:00-12:30Plenary: Confusion in the Debate About Inequality - Leszek Balcerowicz
13:30-15:15Special Session: Hyperpolitics, Political Science and Concept Formation
13:30-15:15Special Session: Roundtable: Academic Freedom - Prospects and Limits
13:30-15:15Panel Sessions (C)
15:30-17:15Special Session: Transition et dialogue national en Tunisie
15:30-17:15Panel Sessions (D)
17:00-20:00Exhibition Tear Down
17:30Closing Ceremony and Reception

Vendredi, le 29 juillet

09:00-17:00New EC Meeting - Sheraton Hotel