MT07 Public Policy and Administration

Chair: Chan Wook Park

Panels for the Main Theme section on public policy and administration will deal with the decision-making and execution of government policies, the policies themselves and their outcomes in addressing the increasingly important issues of inequality within and across countries. A growing concern about detrimental consequences of inequalities for democracy and social harmony has drawn political scientists’ attention to the relationship between inequality and public policies for tackling its impact, among other factors. How do rising inequalities affect the making and implementing of socio-economic policies, including redistributive and inclusive measures for the disadvantaged? For instance, in what ways have changing levels of inequality shaped change in policy agendas for resolving issues of distribution and recognition? In reverse, how and to what extent do a range of policy measures about social well-being and inclusion contribute to reducing inequality? For example, how do we assess different taxation systems, especially in terms of their redistributive effects, within a single country or across countries? What are the problems or limitations of the existing policy measures to battle inequality? For example, is ‘gender mainstreaming’ reducing gender inequality or ‘closing the gap’ policies reducing inequalities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples? How do institutions, organisations and individuals interact in the complicated nexus of policy and inequality, including in the area of climate change? In relation to these questions, how does ‘the welfare state’ cope with the multifaceted challenges to its nature and form? Proposals that will suggest theoretical insights and/or empirical findings about those questions are highly encouraged.

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