MT04 – International Relations

Chair: David A. Baldwin  dbaldwin@Princeton.EDU

There are many types of inequality in international relations, including inequalities in power, wealth, human rights, democracy, and security.  Consequently, it can be argued that the current problems faced by the international political system revolve to a great extent around ‘inequality’ both as a phenomenon and as a perception.  Governments, intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, leaders, movements, political parties, and individual members of civil society act either as the protagonists or the solution-seekers of the crises/problems related to the inequality issue.  Their respective and often conflicting roles are crucial for a more comprehensive analysis of the subject.

Against this background, the international relations panels may cover theoretical and empirical studies related to the various aspects of the above problematique and can be tackled in the broadest possible perspective.  Regionally focused analyses will be particularly welcome along with the latest conceptual debates around the main theme and its subdivisions.

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