MT02 Identity Politics, Social and National Movements

Chair: Linda Cardinal

The theme of the Istanbul Congress, ‘Politics in a World of Inequality’, is well suited for the area of identity politics, social and national movements. The question of the relationship between inequality and identity has led to new debates on the politics of recognition in political theory as well as in studies on citizenship, rights and public policy. It has contributed new approaches, analyses and empirical data on the diversity of social and national movements’ mobilisations and the different scales of politics on which they are active. It has also generated new interest in the potential alliances between movements and their outcomes in public policy and political representation. The study of the relationship between inequality and identity has provided a new lens through which to understand demands for recognition and inclusion within social and national movements as well as in the area of public policy. What should we retain from those debates and analysis for further research on the politics of identity and that of social and national movements? What are the main contributions of theoretical debates and empirical research in those areas? Proposals that will address those questions are welcome.

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