Submit an Abstract/Paper Proposal

The deadline to submit paper abstracts has passed. 

All paper abstract proposers will receive an email to inform them of the status of their submission by January 17, 2014. 

Paper abstract submissions can still be edited by the main author.

Rules for Participation

  • Anyone can submit an abstract.  You do not need to be a member of IPSA until you register for the congress.  However, you must be signed up for a free IPSA website account to be able to submit an abstract.
  • Only the main author should submit the abstract/paper proposal.  Co-authors can be added afterwards.
  • To permit maximize participation in the world congress, it is necessary to limit the number of appearances of any single individual as follows:
    • No individual may make more than one appearance in the programme in each of the following categories:
      • Chair or co-chair of a session
      • Papergiver*
      • Discussant
  • Proposals must be submitted in English or French.  
  • Abstracts must not exceed 1500 characters (approximately 250 words).  Please do not include references, bibliographical notes, or your contact information in the abstract text.
  • Review your use of language.  Use a spell-checker to make sure you have not made any mistakes.  Please do not use ALL CAPS or leave titles in lower case letters.

If you are accepted:

  • You will be asked to submit the complete paper.
  • Be prepared to present your paper orally, in no more than 15 minutes at the congress.
  • Your name will ONLY appear in the printed program if you register by April 3, 2014.

*Papergivers may appear twice - once as a main author and once as a co-author.  Should more than one of your proposals be accepted, only 1 will be accepted in the final program and any others rejected.  You will have the choice to choose the proposal you wish to keep.

Deadline to submit abstract/paper proposals: extended to October 21, 2013 

Abstracts/paper proposals will be reviewed after October 21, 2013 and you will be notified of the review decision by email after January 17, 2014.