Political Behavior

Chair: Aiji Tanaka (aiji@waseda.jp)*

*Please do not submit proposals directly to the chair.  All proposals must be submitted online.  Please contact the chair only if you have a question regarding participation on one of the panels.

The theme of the Political Behavior Section is “Political Participation in Changing Political Systems”.

Through recent incidents that took place in Tunisia, Egypt and other neighboring countries, we now understand that political participation, which is not the formal or typical mode of participation in a liberal democratic system, has played a key role in changing political systems.  Particularly, the impact of global telecommunication technologies on political participation has become so great that political systems or political administrations can be changed through this new mode of political participation.  Today, we can observe such instances not only in non-democratic regimes but also liberal democratic regimes as well.  Therefore, cross-national analyses or some case studies from a comparative perspective are welcome.  While we encourage those IPSA members who would have research interests in political behavior to apply for paper presentations at the 2012 IPSA World Congress in Madrid, we particularly welcome those paper proposals related to the above theme.


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