International Relations

Chair: Sule Kut (*

*Please do not submit proposals directly to the chair.  All proposals must be submitted online.  Please contact the chair only if you have a question regarding participation on one of the panels.

International relations are affected by the reordering of power relations at all levels, all times and in all ways. This Main Theme Section is open to contributions exploring the continuity and change in and between national and international power relations in the 21st century.

What is the relationship between the shift of power and change of order in national, regional and international contexts? How, and to what extent, do the national regime changes lead to regional and global power shifts? How does the reordering of power relations at a global scale, or a systemic change, challenge or alter the national and regional balances? How do foreign policies vary as power changes hands in a country? Can change in national foreign policies alter the regional and international relations? How international and transnational actors affect change in national power relations? How does the existing international system cope with the rise of new power centers, new actors, new alliances, and new conflicts? Can states resist the power of transnational networks including the new social media or terrorist organizations? As states’ boundaries change and new actors emerge in international arena, how do the others, including the regional powers and international institutions, adapt their policies? What are the ramifications of state partitions and unifications? How conflicts are resolved, accentuated or reshuffled as the new power centers and new actors emerge? Can the tension between territorial integrity and right to self-determination resolved peacefully? This section welcomes proposals for panels exploring all the relevant aspects and intricate dynamics of international relations from the standpoint of reordering power and shifting boundaries in the world.


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