International Political Economy

Chair: Helen Milner (*

*Please do not submit proposals directly to the chair.  All proposals must be submitted online.  Please contact the chair only if you have a question regarding participation on one of the panels.

The main theme of the World Congress “Reordering Power, Shifting Boundaries” touches upon many issues related to international political economy. Trends in the world economy, including globalization and rapid technological change, point toward the emergence of a new group of increasingly powerful countries, such as China, Brazil and India. This reordering of the global power structure has many implications for the international political economy. How will these emergent economic powers affect the world economy and politics? How will relations among the developed and developing countries be shaped by these changes?  Will these emerging powers challenge the existing system and bring about peaceful or conflictual change? The global financial crisis has also had an important impact; it seems in many ways to have accelerated the changes that were occurring. What are its implications for the world economy and political relations?

In addition, global governance is an important topic for the world economy. Challenges to existing international economic institutions and the need for new governance mechanisms deserve attention. How will the EU fare given the difficult economic problems and differential situations of its members? Will the major powers be able to agree to a global trade agreement and end the Doha Round negotiations of the WTO?  Can the IMF and World Bank be reformed so that they respond better to the new conditions in the world economy?  And in light of the global financial crisis can new governance mechanisms be devised to keep the international monetary system stable and better balanced?  We seek papers on all topics related to the international political economy of shifting boundaries and reshaped power relations.


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