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Guy Lachapelle, Secretary General


Guy Lachapelle is full professor (1996) in the Department of Political Science at Concordia University since 1984. He obtained is Ph.D. in Political Science from Northwestern University (1986). He was president of the Société québécoise de science politique (1996-1997). He was the co-chairperson of the organizing Committee for the XVIIIth World Congress of the International Political Science Association in Quebec City in the year 2000 (August 1-5, 2000). He was director of the MPPA program (1990-1991). He is the Secretary General of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) since 2000. Over the years, he  published several books. His latest publications include : Political Parties in the Digital Age (De Gruyter, 2015); L’analyse des politiques publiques (PUM, 2011); Le destin américain du Québec : Américanité, américanisation et anti-américanisme (PUL, 2010); Le Bloc Québécois – 20 ans au nom du Québec (Richard Vézina Éditeur, 2010); Diversité culturelle, identités et mondialisation– De la ratification à la mise en œuvre de la Convention sur la diversité culturelle (PUL, 2008); Claude Ryan et la violence du pouvoir (PUL, 2005); Mastering Globalization : New Sub-states’ governance and strategy (Routledge 2005) ; Globalización, Gobernanza E Identidades ( Estudis 12,  Fundació Carles PI i Sunyer, 2004) ; Mondialisation, gouvernance et nouvelle stratégies subétatiques, (PUL,2004);  Robert Bourassa: un bâtisseur tranquille (PUL, 2002) Globalization, Governance and Identity (PUM 2002). His publications include contributions to Revue française de science politique, Publius, the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Revue québécoise de science politique, Québec Studies, Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, Éthique publique, Politique et Sociétés. He is often solicited by the media. His recent work has focused on public policy, public opinion theory, and US and Quebec politics.

Andréa Cestaro, Executive Director

Andrea CestaroEmail:

Andrea Cestaro was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  She started her studies at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica (PUC-SP) in International Relations and Litterature.  On her second year at USP, Andrea was awarded a scholarship for an academic exchange of one year at Concordia University (Montreal) and at the end of that term decided to relocate permanently to Montreal.  She completed her bachelor’s degree (Political Science and French Language & Litterature) and was immediately admitted for a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Public Administration (MPPPA) at Concordia University.
During her studies, Andrea worked on campus at the Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) and at the Department of Public Affairs and Government Relations (Office of the President).  In 2006 she joined the International Political Science Association (IPSA) where she remains to date as the Administrator of the association.

Andrea has a manifest interest in languages and litterature and is fluent in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian - as well as possessing rudimentary knowledge of Lebanese Arabic. At the moment she is advancing her knowledge of Italian at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Montréal. After completing the last term at the institute, she plans to enroll on a Graduate Certificate of Arabic Studies to solidify her knowledge of the language and prepare the ground for a potential Ph.D on the politics of the region.

For the near future Andrea plans to continue to work and support IPSA on its mission to spread the reach of Political Science around the world.

Mathieu St-Laurent, Membership Services & External Relations Manager

Mathieu St-LaurentEmail:

Mathieu St-Laurent was born in Rimouski, Québec, Canada. He moved to Montréal to study political science at the Université du Québec à Montréal, where he obtained his political science bachelors degree in 2003. In 2006, he completed an international relations master’s degree at the same university.

During the last year of his studies, Mathieu started working for the Société québécoise de science politique (SQSP). Over his three years at the SQSP, he gathered knowledge and experience about the workings of political science associations. As the sole employee, he was at the same time administrator, event coordinator, webmaster, editing assistant, project manager and more. As the events coordinator, he organized three SQSP annual congresses (2006, 2007 & 2008) and the 2nd International Congress of the French Associations of Political Science (Quebec City, 2007).

Mathieu joined IPSA in the Fall of 2008 as the Membership Services & External Relations Manager; he is responsible for all matters related to individual and institutional membership, liaison with the Research Committees, relations with the national associations and the IPSA editors. Mathieu is also in charge of the management and development of the website content and social media, the creation of the monthly E-Newsletter and all aspects of production of the bulletin Participation. Finally, he assists the Secretary General in special projects and publications, as in several internal publications produced by the Secretariat.

Mathieu has a marked interest in strategic studies - specially the strategic triangle USA, Russia and China - , defense policies, disarmament and arms control policies, and arms sales. He wrote many articles and opinion letters about missile defense and space security. His master’s degree thesis was about the global dynamics of the United States Missile Defense Plan. Mathieu is passionate about traveling and in his spare time, he practices ice hockey and kickboxing.

Eric Grève, IT Project Manager

Eric GrèveEmail:

Since completing his college degrees, Eric has continuously worked as a software developper, rising in rank and responsibility as the years went by.  Among other employers, he worked 6 years at an event registration company and 2 years at McGill University.

Eric also completed a Certificate in Software Development in 2011 at the McGill University School of Continuing Studies to keep his skills up to date.

Eric joined IPSA in the spring of 2009, just in time to attend the 2009 World Congress of Political Science in Santiago, Chile.  Since then, he has worked to improve the technical foundations of the association.

Eric has always been passionate about technology, learning the BASIC computer language at the age of 10.  Since then, he has learned to program in well over a dozen other languages.  Eric is an advocate of open source software and has contributed his efforts to several projects.  He is an incorrigible gadget-hound; he is usually the first to know and get any new device that comes on the market. Eric is an avid fan of science-fiction in all its forms: books, tv shows, movies, computer games, role-playing games or table-top games.

Roksolana Bobyk, World Congress & Event Coordinator

Roksolana BobykEmail:

Roksolana Bobyk was born in Lviv, Ukraine. Her family immigrated to Montreal in 1991 following the fall of the Soviet Union. Roksolana obtained a collegial diploma in Tourism Techniques from Lasalle College in 2004. She then completed her bachelor’s degree in Human Environment with a minor in Spanish in 2009 at Concordia University, where she is in the process of obtaining her graduate Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment.

Growing up in Montreal, she was an active member of the Ukrainian Youth Association where she enjoyed organizing trips and events.  During her studies, she worked in different administrative capacities. Her interest for international NGO’ became clear when working at the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) from 2006 to 2008, where she acquired knowledge and experience in the departments of Communications, Fundraising and Accounting.

In university Roksolana developed a strong interest for environmental issues and conflict studies, especially in Central America, as well as the versatile culture of Latin America and Spain. She is a passionate traveller and is fervent about dance and world music. Roksolana is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Ukrainian.

Roksolana first joined IPSA in 2009 on a part-time basis assisting with the organization of the World Congress in Santiago and the 2012 congress in Madrid. Her organizational skills, readiness and dedication proved to be a perfect match to work hand in hand with the World Congress and Event Manager on IPSA conferences and meetings.

Haluk Dag, Communication, Promotion and Logistics Coordinator

Haluk DagEmail:

Haluk Dag was born in Ankara, Turkey. After completing an undergraduate degree in Public Relations, he started to work as a PR Officer at the Yapi Kredi Cultural Center in Istanbul (which is also the biggest publishing house in Turkey).

Between 2003 and 2011, he contributed to the organization and promotion of national/international cultural and academic events while also working as a freelance journalist for various Turkish media outlets.       

After working for nearly a decade, he chose to pursue his long-standing goal of obtaining an MA degree. Completed in 2013, his MA degree in Journalism Studies from Concordia University (Montreal) focused on the application of the Peace Journalism model in conflict situations. His MA thesis analysed the Gaza flotilla crisis of 2010 between Israel and Turkey.

During his study, he also worked as a research assistant on the Concordia Science Journalism Project to improve the role of science journalism in Canada and helped to organize public deliberation events and academic conferences.   

Haluk joined IPSA in September 2015 and is happy to contribute with his experience to the preparation of the 25th World Congress of Political Science.

Outside of work, running marathons and fishing are Haluk’s biggest passions. While in Turkey, he often spent his vacations fishing in the Mediterranean; now that he lives in Montreal, he has begun to explore Quebec’s parks and lakes.

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